Elvis in the 60's


This chick is my new girl crush:  Annabelle Dexter-JonesI’m totally digging her slept-in, dress-to-party (not dress-to-impress) look. 

Chloë Sevigny’s recent statement in an interview with The New York Times revealed she was “bored with fashion shows”. Perhaps we don’t need to find inspiration from a single source, but it’s still the single most influential platform to present fashion to the world.  Whether or not it’s done creatively… that’s another story.

But like her, I enjoy finding my inspiration from the simplest ideas, in an almost passive form that seeps into us slowly.  Maybe it starts with a song, a memory, and then the idea builds, and I’m moved by something that mirrors the emotions these ideas elicit. 

But Dexter-Jones has this carefree style that I’m really into right now.  Just do what moves you and go with it.  Doesn’t have to be a runway :)

(photos via, Gavin Doyle via, and others)

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